Copyright 2009 Hillcrest Memorials - All Rights Reserved Memorials that last a lifetime For over 35 years Hillcrest Memorials has been serving Winkler and the surrounding area in the Memorial Industry. When you choose a Hillcrest Memorial, have peace of mind that for beauty, permanance and craftsmanship, you have selected the finest! Setting up a memorial is often a celebration of a  loved ones life. Although the happy times are  often forgotten amongst realizations that the  deceased will never be seen here on earth  again, people must realize that death is a part of  natural life.   To deal with the purchase of a memorial is not always easy.  It is important to keep their memory alive, as a sign of  rememberance by those closests to them. A memorial can  be as simple as placing a small marker in the grave. In many  cases now it involves the creation of a larger headstone for  public display. Unfortunately there is little that can be done about this  reality. However, memorials can help ease the pain by  creating a physical symbol of respect and love for that  person who has passed on.    Memorials go back in time for many generations.  Sometimes just a simple wooden cross, or even a mound of  stones were placed on a grave. Even large veteran  monuments were made for public display to remind us of  the battle that they fought for our country's freedom.  Regardless of the reason why, it is part of moving on and  yet never forgetting.